For those of you waiting with baited breath…


…the toilets in the southern hemisphere do NOT flush in the opposite direction of those back home. Sorry to disappoint.

But oh my goodness, our first couple hours in Buenos Aires have been anything but disappointing. Weird combinations of leafless trees (winter just ended here, keep in mind) and tropical palms, streets that give new meaning to the word chaos, and the most ridiculously friendly people you could hope for have been our encounters thus far. But alas, we have groceries to buy (apparently there’s a supermercado down the road called El Disco) and a city to explore, so ¡hasta luego!

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  1. Not so fast senor. A toilet may have the water directed down at an angle and the angle of water entering the bowl my determine the direction of the swirl. On the other hand if you were to pull the plug out of a still sink or tub you would see that the flow circles the other direction. The spin of the earth in relation to the angle to the poles determines this.

    Why didn’t I ever make you take physics???



    • The holes in the toilets ARE different than back home (more in the front of the bowl than the back). I’m pretty sure it still circles clockwise though… Is that not how it is up north? I’m just going by memory here lol.


  2. Hi you two,
    Palms trees and winter…. that just doesn’t make sense! It snowed a bit here this morning. Everyone in the community is out fishing today so it’s been a slow day at work! I go back to winnipeg tomorrow and Caroline is here until we get all of the participants. We still miss you Sara!!!!
    Love Linda


  3. Thanks for solving the toilet issue! Glad to see you’ve got the blog up and running. Sounds like you guys are having a good time. Can’t wait for the next installment!


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