Wandering Canadians adopted by Argentine families: Part 2


Well, Sara has already updated you all on our first family experience in Argentina, complete with cooking haps and mishaps and musical fun, so now it’s time for our second family adoption. On Sunday after church, we drove to Veronica, a small town about two hours away (complete with a thermos of hot water for mate, which, of course, makes any trip seem shorter. ¡Gracias, David!). There, we stayed with Pedro y Luci, more cousins of Sara’s aunt. Their beautiful, tranquil farm was a shocking (but very lovely) change from the crowds and noise of the city, but their hospitality was just as welcoming, generous, and full of food!

Upon arrival we spent most of the evening with our dear Lanus friends who had driven us there, getting a tour of the farm (complete with cows, bats, and a eucalyptus forest!) and concluding with a stargazing session (the constellations are completely different here, of course!) in the bottom of an empty swimming pool.


The following days were spent jumping between amazing dinners and Spanish lessons inside (Pedro is an excellent teacher, with his dictionary and encyclopedia on hand at all times, and Luci is an amazing cook) and chatting with cows, hens, Brunic/Perrito the dog, and eating from the lemon, orange, and avocado trees outside.




Among other things, we learned how to pick avocados (Pedro y Luci seem to be the principal suppliers of this local treasure for the entire town)…



…and to tell the difference between oranges and orange lemons (there really isn’t one, until you bite into them)…



Finally, we spent a very lovely day with aunt Esther’s aunt and uncle (if you’re having trouble following all these familial connections, don’t worry, they’re all just very wonderful people) Rosa y Sergio. They filled us up with family history, argentine stories, delicious homemade wine, and another unbelievable asado, this time cooked in the living room fireplace!



Oh dear, this is getting mighty long. Many more stories to share, but you’ll have to wait for now. And ¡muchísimas gracias a Pedro, Lucí, Rosa, y Sergio por su hospitalidad tan generosa, y por un tiempo muy refrescante y disfrutable!


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  1. So is the family history and Argentine stories all told in Spanish? I’m so impressed with you guys. And it looks like you two will have to find an apartment with a fireplace when you’re back in Canada so you can throw a couple of cows onto it!


  2. hey hey….muy buenas historias amigos….ustedes me hace extrano mucho de hablar en espanol y comer comida hispanic. Por esto me gusto lo mucho las lecciones para cocinar asado (you nunca aprendi). Gracias por los ries y estoy emocinada por lo proximo. (Salvame un aguacate!! Que chido!)


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