Dear Mom


I flossed today.


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  1. The fact that this is note worthy makes me ask “is this the first time in five months that you’ve flossed?” I gave you a year’s supply of dental floss for your wedding – not a lifetime’s!


  2. Okay..the (deeply buried) dental hygienist in me is having trouble with the fact that this is newsworthy!!Love you guys (and loving hearing about your adventures!)


  3. Just poking through your blog posts again.

    Really miss you guys! Can’t wait to see you!

    In your last comment to Heather, you said that you’re screening your comments bc you never know what your family will say. hee hee

    Hm….what could I comment about that could get censored on your blog? Hmmmmmm……

    love G


  4. Where are you guys???? Miss you!!!

    We’re doing well over here! The wee one just got 2 garbage bags full of clothes from my coworker. We had fun sorting through everything and can now donate 4 boxes of clothes to a mom’s charity. xo

    She’s still sleeping for 8/9 hours at night! I can’t wait for you to meet her!

    I saw a documentary on baby animals last night, and they showed the penguins in Antarctica. Obviously, I thought of you guys!

    It’s a beautiful snowy day. Guess you guys don’t have that now, eh? Maybe we’ll still have snow in April when you’re home so that you can get a bit of winter. No. Actually, that’s wouldn’t be cool. Well, literally it would be “cool.” hahaha

    Sara – RENT is playing in Ottawa….but I can’t bring myself to go without you. And bringing Borden would just be a waste of time. hee hee It’s not playing at the main theatre, more like at a Prairie Theatre Exchange kind of theatre. I’m sure it’ll still be great, but not without you. xoxo

    Love love love


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