Northward Bound (part 2)


I fall asleep for four hours and the whole world changes!

Golden wheat fields Several feet of snow.
Endless rolling prairie Towering fir trees occasionally slapping against the windows.
Foreign retiree tourists Half a dozen rather rowdy individuals who, one by one, informed me that they’d just been released from The Pas penitentiary.

Thompson is now fading away to the southwest. Our stop there was shortened considerably, so now we’re back on schedule. I enjoyed a brief tour of the very frozen town in a cab that I was sharing with a friendly guy who, I discovered as I was getting in to the backseat, had also just got out of the slammer. Seriously?? Well, no judgment here: he was very pleasant, and even refused to accept the $5 I offered him for the cab.

I holed myself up in a McDonalds and called my much-missed wife, then trekked back to the train. It was about a half hour walk, and my toes have only just regained sensation. This is going to take some getting used to!

All things considered, though, the train still rocks.

No amount of winter can stop this thing!

Thank goodness, I needed some packing tape and sharpies!
In memory of my Education friends.
A shameless, shivering selfy
I’m here!

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  1. (Meadow just sighed in her sleep…she’s snoozing beside me as I read your blog…she’s dreaming of winter as you’re experiencing it in full force!)

    You guys should really submit some of your posts to travel magazines. I’m quite serious about this.


  2. Hey Josh – love the adventure story. I’m sorry that you are still in the same province as the rest of us and being consumed by winter ALREADY. It’s going to be warm here in the PEG – and NO SNOW yet. Keeping you in my prayers – stay warm and watch out for the slammer boys!


  3. I can’t believe you’re actually there!!! It’s unreal to talk to you on the phone… it sounds like you’re in the next room, but then when I think about how far away you are, it doesn’t compute! You haven’t even left the province!!

    Crazy Canada. How we love you.


  4. ps. Can I say how impressed I am by your wordpress formatting?! Well done, sir! You must have learned something in Teacher & Tech 😛


    • Way to be humble, my dear…you know you taught me everything I know about formatting 😛

      Speaking of educational technology, though, today I witnessed a lecture on Canadian government done on an overhead projector! It warmed my heart!


      • just an note from your m-in-law who sent you off with Reeses: my dad and brother worked on those rail lines way back in the 60’s when there was even less up there!
        Stay warm


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