Congratulations victors!


Competition was fierce for the saratreetravels 50th post sweepstakes, but good things come in threes, and so do our winners (er, and the contestants, actually, but we digress).

For being the first to respond, and for her exemplary use of the Hispanic ‘¡’, this one goes out to Gwendolyn Smid:

To Mary, we will certainly ‘let’ you say that, especially since you did so in such a concise 50 characters (not including spaces, which is perfectly acceptable 🙂 ). We’ll even arrange a royal cameo in your honour:

And last but not least, for being the most blatantly flattering and dead sexy himself, a video tribute to T-Rav:

Thank you to all our contestants, and all our loyal readership. We love you guys!

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  1. Woot! I love my video! Can I express how very very insanely jealous I am that you were at the Globe? Sigh. Sigh. Siiiiiiiigh. The radio host on CBC’s morning show spoke in iambic pentametre this morning. That’s worthy of the Bard, non? xo


  2. (Mom’s post was still totally over 50 characters. Not my fault she doesn’t get it that spaces count as characters. Insert another sigh here … Siiiiiiigh.) haha


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