agosto 2016

For one of the most inaccessible countries in the Western Hemisphere, people seem to ‘know’ an awful lot about Cuba, provoking some very strong opinions. “Che is a hero.” “Fidel is a tyrant.” “It’s the only remotely successful example of Communism in the world. ” “People there live in abject poverty and are just dying to get to the States.”

That’s partially why we’re here. As a couple of lefty idealists now entering the professional world, we want to have some objective observations to contribute to the mayhem of opinions espoused by the heavily bearded arts students with their Che-emblazoned t-shirts (on the one side) and the McCarthyist rhetoric that still finds its way into American political campaigns (on the other). We expect to come away neither romanced nor repulsed by la revolución, but rather to have a more nuanced, first-hand perspective of what life is like in this historical anomaly of a country.

The other part of why we’re here is to lie on some beaches, climb some mountains, and compare the delicious differences between a 3-year and 7-year añejo rum (both available for less than $2!), so don’t worry, this won’t be entirely political 😉

¡Viva Cuba libre!

Josué y Sarita

Click here to start reading some tales from la Revolución…

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  1. I also posted this on a Facebook picture, but …

    WHAT THE HECK?! When did you two decide to go to Cuba?! Was this always the plan, or did I miss something?!

    Miss you guys!!! Have the best time, and let us know as soon as you’re back!!!

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