May-August 2014

In Argentina, our goal was to learn more about sustainable agriculture, more about Argentine language and culture, and more about ourselves as a newly married couple… and after living in a tent for eight months on organic farms, we definitely accomplished all of those things!

For this trip, our destination is western Europe, and our goal is to make personal connections with all the many people in Europe we’ve come to know over the years. We want to cash in on all those If we’re ever in Europe, we’ll come visit you! thoughts that people always have, and we want to actually make them a reality.

As we have learned, you only truly know a place by getting to know the people in that place, so we are so grateful to the gracious hosts scattered all across Europe – from cousins twice removed in Nuremberg, to high school Québécoise exchange partners in Lausanne, from family we’ve never yet met, to family who is near and dear – all of whom are allowing us to experience this incredible continent through their eyes.

Sara & Joshua

Click here to start reading some tales from across the pond…

Editors’ Note: Mission accomplished!

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