August 05-19 / 2017

Welcome, in Mi’kmaq & Gaelic.

And ‘welcoming’ is the perfect adjective for Cape Breton Island, from the family that generously offered us a ride from the airport at midnight, to the “g’day”s and “hallo”s that follow us down every street.

When planning this adventure, we knew we’d have to make every second count (what with Sara having a precious two weeks of holidays in a literal 14-month year of med school after all). That meant no trip-time could be wasted in transit…

But what if the transit-time was the trip? And what if the transit-time that was the trip was also spent doing something we were passionate about but needing a challenge in? And what if the transit-time spent doing something we were passionate about that was the trip could also be in Canada, our home country that we have woefully under-explored?

And thus the plan to attempt one of the world’s best cycling routes was born.

The weather forecast is grim.** Our calves have never pedalled anything steeper than the Arlington Bridge (okay, let’s be real, everyone walks their bike up that bad boy). But the views are spectacular, the seafood’s delicious, and an adorable toddler just pointed to a police vehicle and shouted “Look, Mam, a cap-carrr!” It’s gonna be great.

See you on the other side,


**Cycling days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. Sigh.

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