November-December 2013 & March-April 2014

Pīhtikwe, welcome

Although it is amazing how far you can travel without leaving your home province (and I’m not even CLOSE to the end of it!) it sure doesn’t feel like the Manitoba I’ve grown up in. I am currently in Gillam, MB, starting a five-week teaching practicum where I will be teaching grade 9 social studies and (gulp!) elementary school Cree.

As I write this blog, I am sitting in my rather spartan bachelor pad that Manitoba Hydro has generously provided. One day Sara and I will travel the North together, but alas not this time.

My goal is to experience the completely different culture that coexists with us here in these arbitrary borders known as Manitoba. Much thanks to the University of Manitoba for making this possible, and the people of Gillam for their incredible hospitality (mmm…caribou steak!)


Click here to start reading some tales from the Great White North…

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